Innovative, career-driven learning experiences define University of Chicago Professional Education. In our commitment to spread the University's knowledge as broadly as possible, we offer impactful and flexible programs and courses that introduce individual and corporate audiences to up-to-the-minute research, the latest standards in their field, a new professional network, and the University of Chicago's rich intellectual community. Our instructors, seasoned professionals all, deliver unparalleled expertise drawn from years of industry experience. We give our students the tools to succeed in our fast-moving, interconnected world and achieve a competitive edge at any stage of their careers.

Our core philosophy—the Chicago Approach—values intellectual curiosity, encourages risk-taking, and rewards those with the ambition to take their ideas from good to great.

The University of Chicago Digital Skills Bootcamps provide you with hands-on experience using innovative, project-based training. Our comprehensive curricula center on practical learning, career development, internship search assistance, and more.

We are here for you

Your career success is important to us. We are ready to support your career path from the moment you make the first call until course completion. Working with one of our success managers, you can work toward advancement at every level of the program. When you finish, our Career Outcomes team is waiting to assist you in gaining ideal employment in your new career.*

*There is no guarantee of job placement.

Complete the program with
real-world experience

The UChicago Digital Skills Bootcamps help you gain experience through professional networking and job search assistance. If you are looking for the right career for you or looking to advance your current career, we are here to make the transition as easy as possible by providing you with direct access to our career-development resources.


Project-based training

Professional networking
and personalized career prep

Our partnership
with ThriveDX

The University of Chicago Digital Skills Bootcamps are developed in collaboration with ThriveDX, the world’s leading cybersecurity and digital skills education provider. ThriveDX comes with over a decade of experience in digital education, top-tier instructional methodologies, and a commitment to providing future generations with cutting-edge professional development opportunities.

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